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Ni- Intro
The funeral was held shortly after her brother’s funeral. It was a sad time in her life, one that was so mired in tragedy, so mired in loss that it corrupted everything that she thought. Yet, her outlook was positive, sadness would not overtake her. Sadness was simply a result of chemical imbalances in her brain, they could be ignored or suppressed.
It was somewhat of a miracle, that someone had survived what had happened, even though she just barely made it through.
“You look well” she spoke to her friend. Pale, thin, and locked in a wheelchair, Sabitsuki didn’t look ‘well’, the disease had taken a hefty toll on her, but she was alive.
“As do you” Sabitsuki awkwardly spoke.
It was an awkward moment, the girl that Sabitsuki was speaking to was Urotsuki, the little sister of Satoshi, Madotsuki’s former boyfriend, Sabitsuki’s former crush, and a monster that she had faced in her dream world. Sabitsuki had remained silent on what
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.flow- Chapter 20
20- Rust Corridor
Alone and afraid, Sabitsuki entered the objects into the computer. Upon finding the third object, Rust shambled back to the bedroom and released her true form, her mission fufulled. Now there was nothing to do but return to the balcony. This time though, door that led to the balcony was replaced with an elevator, one that had ‘rust’ scrabbled above the doors.
She was already emotionally dead, what she had witnessed throughout her journey, the pain she had endured in the hospital, the loss of her best friend, perhaps it was time to accept it. How she loved her parents dearly, how she wanted to have a future. That was the worst part, she wouldn’t be able to tell her parents goodbye before she passed on, nor would she ever be able to tell Satoshi how she felt. Sabitsuki was going to die in some horrible nightmare, alone with so many regrets.
Reflecting on these thoughts did nothing to her as she stepped out o
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.flow- Chapter 19 :iconillumanopoly:IlluManopoly 4 0
Mature content
.flow- Chapter 18 :iconillumanopoly:IlluManopoly 2 0
Mature content
.flow- Chapter 17 :iconillumanopoly:IlluManopoly 2 0
.flow- Chapter 16
16- FC World
“I hear you’re getting better, keep it up, everything will be fine with time.” Sabitsuki reflected on the doctor’s words as she wandered through the apartment. Her real world body was recovering, things were going fine, the effects were helping. Those reapers, the ones that she recently saw in the prison, they were he immune system helping to eliminate the disease that were the kaibutsu. She had recalled that, in the apartments, the bridging area between the two different apartment buildings.
Indeed, there was a pathway that branched off from the main part of the isometric pathway. A branch that held a doorway.
“Playing my Famicom so often had left a permanent impact within my mind, an entire section was made out of pixels, all of it, even me. I had dubbed it the FC world, once beautiful, it had fallen under Uboa’s grasp…”
“Maddie, I wish you were here to see this” Sabitsuki commented as the warm sunlight hit her
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.flow- Chapter 15
Chapter 15- Prison
Oh how she wanted to wake up, she could at any time, but the dream must continue, she was so close to finding all the effects, so very close. As Sabitsuki sat on the steps outside the school, her eyes and clothing normal once again, she wept. Sister came out and sat beside her, burying her head into Sabitsuki’s shoulder.
“I’m really sorry for what big brother and I did” she softly whispered.
“It’s fine, it’s unfortunate that it had to turn out this way though, unfortunate for everyone.” Sabitsuki responded, struggling to find words to say.
Sister then returned to the school after one last glance at the dreamer. Sabitsuki quickly returned to the nexus as well, wanting to get this over with.
The constant feeling of confusion returned at the nexus. Every time that she returned here, it felt as if she was going in circles. Sabitsuki had already explored all four doors, yet, she felt as if there were still so many effects to
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.flow- Chapter 14
Chapter 14- School
“Come back, please!” Sabitsuki yelled as she ran after the little girl. To her dismay, she knew what this place was. The building marked with ‘OOL’, its name was preceded with the letters ‘HIGH SCH’, and it was a perfect recreation of her real life high school. What was different, compared to the exterior, and the street that she had recently traversed down, was the fact the school was nearly spotless.
All the tiled floors were spotless, so were the walls, and the lockers. Apart from the emptiness that surrounded her, everything was warm and inviting.
“In here!” the girl giggled, her soft voice was emanating from a nearby classroom. Inside, she was sitting on a desk, her little legs swinging in the air. Four kaibutsu surrounded the circle of desks that she sat upon, each one had a relatively normal face. “Finally, here you are”
“What is this? Please, just tell me what you’re doing here!” Sa
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.flow- Chapter 13
Chapter 13: Rusty Pier
“I’m… I’m stronger than this, I must keep going, if I stop now, my mind will continue to degrade.”
It was apparent that the cracks in the nexus were growing even larger. Soon, everything in her mind will collapse in on itself, everything she was would be lost. But where is the school? Her dreamscape was massive, every pathway led to more pathways and areas. In all this confusion, she remembered one specific area that still had many more secrets, ones that lay at the epicenter of what still remained unexplored, the sewers.
Sabitsuki hastily made her way there, retracing her steps through the world of pipes, the apartments, and the Sugar Hole, not once talking to any other being, person, or inanimate object, her mind was focused on this one task and this one task only. When she reached the sewers, Sabitsuki walked past the blob that led to the white room, and crawled through a nearby pipe.
A slight fall greeted her when she emerged fro
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.flow- Chapter 12
Chapter 12- Hospital
Only one door remained unexplored in the nexus, one that led to yet another massive eye sore. It was, as most surface locations were, a void of infinite and utter darkness. This one had flashing neon tiles that formed a path around the area. Strange, jittering neon creatures walked along these pathways.
“One of the nexus doors led to a world made of neon hallways and walkways. Sadly, this is where my… slow descent downward began.”
Sabitsuki didn’t know why Maddie had such a bad experience in such a pleasant world, especially one as similar as this one. It was like a giant party, a rave. This was the third EDM-inspired world, places full of so many good memories and joyous experiences that they cannot possibly be corrupt. As she walked down the neon pathway, humming to the music, Sabitsuki was approached by a grey creature holding a large pair of headphones.
“I was instructed to give these to you, they’re from a friend.” It
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.flow- Chapter 11
Chapter 11- Microscopic World
Sabitsuki was never a religious girl, she believed that there was some higher power somewhere, but realized that whatever came her way simply was. However, looking around at the blood-red landscape of boiling magma and crashing lightning, she instantly knew what this place was supposed to be. Although molten, there was no heat, at least no excruciating heat. This was a small comfort, the knowledge that she could survive this.
What was less comforting were the ‘decorations’. These included a severed head of Sabitsuki underneath a guillotine, a shadowy fisherman fishing out of a river of magma, and fleshy vines growing out of the ground.
“There was a fisherman in my dream, he was a nice man who was able to transport me back and forth between various locations.”
Remembering Madotsuki’s words, Sabitsuki recognized the fisherman from that strange pier she was just at. Looking up, she could barely see the pier through the red, hazy
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.flow- Chapter 10
Chapter 10- Underwater
“What? How did you get here?” the girl said underneath her diving helmet, the hollow inside distorting her voice.
“I… there was a symbol on an identical machine somewhere else, the industrial maze? Have you heard of it?” Sabitsuki responded, looking around the room. The house was small, only containing several boxes, a bed, and the large machine. Each wall was beige in tone, with intricate markings and symbols carved into it, she had no idea what these meant.
“That can’t be, there is only one of these machines, this one that I’m building here. I don’t know what it does, or why it does it.”
“Then how did you build it?” Sabitsuki asked with intrigue.
“I find scraps from the surrounding area and assemble them here in my workshop. It’s as simple as that, but now that you emerged from it, I think I know what it does now!” her metallic voice had a slight hint of joy in it.
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.flow- Chapter 9
Chapter 9- Industrial Maze
She had done it, she had found the rave maze and looped back to the city’s downtown once again. Now she stood before a shimmering outfit that hung on a rack. It was on a balcony. A balcony that overlooked the massive hotel in the center. Touching it filled Sabitsuki’s mind with the sounds of her beloved EDM music, and her eyes with a dazzling array of colors. It wasn’t long before she saw herself shimmering as well, it was a new effect, this journey had been going quite well. Now all she had to do was make her way back to the sewers, from there she could explore many new locations that she overlooked previously.
It was a rather easy task, going back to the city coast, down the first sewer tunnel, back to the Sugar Hole, making sure to pick up Fuku, who was still in the back room. Sabitsuki ignored both the painting and the strange blob of goop that clung to the wall. Down the tunnel, in the back corner, was a strange, orange emblem on the wa
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OFF- 0-1
Judgement befell me one day, one day strong, a long day that just wouldn’t end. Indeed, I found myself there, not anywhere where people would know, hell, I don’t even know what to make of this place. I don’t even know what’s going on, I just found myself… there, the place, the place that we all know. If I’m not making sense, don’t worry, I can’t even understand what I have done, or why I have done it. We’re all walking a fine line in a moral grey area, what we think is good is bad for someone else, no matter what we do, it always ends up the same.
I take this with a healthy dose of nihilism, nothing matters to me anymore, I thought I was doing good… I was in complete control the entire time, I could have simply walked away from it all, but I wanted to push forward, further, deeper. There was so much suffering… so much chaos and confusion. I simply wouldn’t let it continue, the poor inhabitants of the world that I k
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.flow- Chapter 8
Chapter 8- Plant Labyrinth
Sabitsuki awoke having another seizure, but was immediately stabilized by the medication that the doctors had given her. Her body was thin and weak, but she was still alive. Thoughts of decay and darkness filled her head though, the maids were right. The effects of the corruption were not physical, they were mental. Her physical body was slowly healing, only one broken bone remained, her entrails had been stitched back inside, and the infection that surged through her veins was dissipating.
There was always hope, she could return to her innocent and shy self if she could just find the effects. Tonight she would return to the nexus, and get rid of the dark doctor that haunted her mind.
As usual, the nexus was in a further state of disarray as she returned. The cracks on the floor have grown wider still, time was running out. She had decided to return to the hospital the only way she knew how, buy going through the pipe world, the apartment buildings, the indus
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.flow- Chapter 7
Chapter 7- Sugar Hole
The sewers were not nearly as unpleasant as Sabitsuki had thought them to be. Clean, turquoise water flowed through the tunnels, illuminated by violet flood lamps. The concrete walls and floors had not a single crack on them, everything was uniform and calm. Not a single creature was to be found in them, the only thing of interest was a wooden door fifty meters from the latter that Sabitsuki had descended, it led to a bar.
She was greeted by a gas mask wearing maid who gestured her to sit down at the bar. Doing as instructed, the maid handed her a piece of cake before she returned to washing a series of glasses. As Sabitsuki ate, she noticed how cozy the bar was. It was small with wood paneling on the walls and floors. The cake was sweet and melted in her mouth, it satisfied her non-existent hunger.
“I didn’t feel the need to eat, drink, or sleep in my dream, it was very strange. I still had the occasional snack, but it didn’t fill me up at all.&
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I feel that every time someone favorites my 'leaving' journal, they really don't like me.
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How long does it take to get the deactivation email? I just want to leave, I don't want to have to jump through these hoops.
I changed my mind, I am deactivating as soon as I get the email. Farewell.
*update* I'm not deactivating, I'm just going to log out and never log back in. May post things from time to time, my writings will still be here, the man behind them won't be. This is only supposed to be about my art, not about me.


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